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Madden NFL 13 Online Connected Careers Year 5

by Alan


I’ve always said that I wanted this league to run for at least 5 seasons, and we’ve made it! Although the league turnaround has been pretty big, the league has been very healthy and active enough to be competive. I’m very happy about that.

I’m also sad to announce that this will be the last year of the Franchise. I’ve made that decision based on a few things. For starters, NCAA 14 is coming out in early July, which is just over two months away. Very excited for that game. The other reason would be that this game is getting very stale. Not just for me, but for other users as well. I know most people don’t even play the game outside of the CC. It feels like a good time to call it quits.

Here are the Season 5 rules of the Alan Football League.

If you have any questions, message me on


All USERS have to read and agree to the Season 5 rules.





-League is a dictatorship, not a democracy. I appreciate constructive feedback on rules and slider changes, but all decisions are up to me.

-All trades go through me. DO NOT SUBMIT A TRADE UNTIL I APPROVE IT. This includes CPU submitted trades. You get 2 CPU trades and 2 USER trades. Because this is the last year of the league, draft pick trades do count against the overall total. You will also only be able to trade this years picks, because next years picks will be useless. There will be no trading during the draft because Madden sucks, so make sure you get it done beforehand.

-Off-season will begin on Friday, May 10th, 2013.

-Draft will be on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. I have not yet decided a date. But I do know the draft will commence at 9 Eastern.

-Due to people being complete dickwads, you will only be able to draft players who are projected to be drafted within one round. Example: If someone is projected to go in the 7th round, you can’t draft him in the 1st, etc. If someone is projected to be drafted in the 2nd round, you can draft him in the 1st round. If you have any questions about this rule, please feel free to ask.

-Off-season advances every day. Pre-season advances every day. Regular Season advances Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 10 Eastern Standard Time.

-Play your games. If you miss a week, you get a warning. If you miss two weeks, you get the boot. Exceptions will be made with the proper amount of sweet talk.

-You must have a decent connection. Laggy games are no fun for anyone, so don’t join if you can’t play a smooth game of Madden.

-It is your job to get your games in, not mine. If you need someone put on autopilot, let me know 24 hours before, otherwise the game will be simmed.

-Rage quitting a game is an automatic boot. Legit disconnections result in a replay.

-Friendly shit talking is cool. If you take it overboard, you might need to find another league. AKA The Pie Rule.

-There will be no warnings this year for gameplay violations. I feel people took advantage of the rule last year. I will now be booting on sight for all gameplay violations, including running up the score.

-If you schedule a game and don’t show up for it, you get a warning. Do it again and you get the boot.

-This will be a 24 man league. I’m aggressively looking for more people for the final year of the league, if you have anyone in mind, let me know.

-ALL games in the CC Playoffs must be played. No simming. There will be few exceptions.





-Because this is the last season, I will be experimenting with various rules. Some of these new rules are from users, while others I have gotten from talking to Commissioners of other Leagues.

-You will now have the option to sim your CPU games. You do this from the menu by hitting the X button. If you choose to play your CPU game, you need to play the game entirely, no super-simming!

-No running up the score against USERS or CPUS. If I feel that you’ve gone overboard with the score, you will get the boot. No questions asked.

-No adjusting the position of your players. TE’s play in the TE position. DT’s play in the DT position. RE’s in RE’s, etc. No switching them around to where they are not supposed to be. You get the point. Some formations call for various placement for certain positions, that is okay. But if you go into your depth chart and change there position to where they are not supposed to be, you are going to have a bad time.

-No playmaker control. This has been requested by a few people. I didn’t even know it existed or if anyone uses it anymore, but if you do, no more please!

-No nanos. No cheese plays. Keep your linemen on the line during pre-snap. No running ANY streaks out of the backfield, including RB, WR TE and FB. No running the prevent D (Dropping 10 guys back) unless it’s the last 2 minutes of each half. Pretty much play as realistic as possible.

-No dropping back anyone before the snap of a punt. AKA The Damian Rule.

-NO CHEESING THE CPU. If you find an exploit, don’t abuse it and let me know about it.

-You get 1 fake punt or fake field goal a game. AKA The Burrito Rule.

-No running hurry up more than twice in a row unless it’s the last 2 minutes of each half.

-No onside kicks until the fourth quarter.

-You can only go for it on 4th down when you are inside your opponents 40.

-No bitching about the sliders. AKA The Ging Rule.

-No Rocket catching. Curls are okay, but this is not.

-If you read the rules, you will also say footballrules to confirm in twitchchat.

-No Dropping back 10 people on defence unless it’s within the 2 minutes of each half. I want to eliminate the prevent cheese.

-No adjusting your guys on the d-line. You can control them, but no adjusting them whatsoever.

-You are only allowed 10 rushes with your QB a game. Make each one count, PMD.

-Have fun.





SuperBowl winner gets 1600 MSP.

NEW completion reward. If you finish the season and play all your usergames, you will be entered in a draw for another 1600 MSP. Only eligible to people who do not make the playoffs.


The End


I want to thank everyone who participated in the last 5 seasons. I will be running an NCAA 14 Dynasty, and everyone is welcome to join, granted I have spots open.

I will also be running a Madden 25 Franchise.





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Madden NFL 13 Online Connected Careers Year 5

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