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Alan’s Awesome Madden Football League Season 3

by Alan

Welp! Season number 2 is officially over. I would like to congratulate ThatGing on his Super Bowl victory. With the amount of talent in the league, that wasn’t an easy task. I would also like to thank the participants of Season 2 for a very enjoyable, drama-free season. It makes my a job heck of a lot easier.

Anyways, now is the time I like to look over the rules and polish them up a bit. I’ve also taken into account some feedback I’ve received from several users, which I really do appreciate. I will be incorporating that feedback as well as some of my own into the new league rules for Season 3.

Lets do this.

As a reminder for everyone in the league, I try to make this league as SIM as possible. That includes stats, scores as well as personnel changes. So if you guys are wondering why some of these rules are in place, it’s because I want this league to mimic the real NFL as much as possible without going overboard.

Management Rules

-The league advances 3 days a week. These days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 Eastern time. Preseason weeks advance every day (4 pre season weeks = 4 days).

-The offseason will advance a day at a time until the draft. It is your responsibility to make sure you resign your players, sign free agents and prepare yourself for the draft. Because of the Holidays, the offseason will start on December 21st, 2012 and won’t advance again until December 26th, 2012. After that everything will be normal with the draft being held on a Friday.

-Quitting a user or cpu game because you are losing equals an automatic boot from the league.

-***If you don’t play your game during a week without giving me a reason, you will get the boot. There is zero tolerance to this rule and NO ONE is safe from it. Including my close friends and MODS of the channel. If you can’t make it that week, you must let me know at the start of the week so I can put you on Auto-Pilot. If you let me know 10 minutes before the league week advances and don’t play your game that week, you will get the boot.***

-It is your responsibility to get your game in with your opponent, not mine. I’m simply a care-taker of the league, not your personal assistant.

-Everyone who gets booted is eligible to rejoin the league after the Season is over.

-Only during extreme cases are you allowed to switch teams. And that will only happen during the off-season as permitted by me.

-Trading will work differently this year. You are allowed ONE cpu trade the entire year. You are allowed TWO user trades the entire year. ALL trades must be approved by me, that includes both CPU and USER trades. This does not include trades that happen during the Draft process.

-Starting in the pre-season I will be switching the league over to the the sliders found here. I will be using the RED sliders at first and see how it goes from there. Pre-season is the perfect time to test these out and feedback will be appreciated.

-Players on the waiting list are not guaranteed to get into the league. Players are also chosen as I see fit, not on a first come first serve basis. League cap will remain at 20 people.

Gameplay rules

-This is first and foremost a sim league. I want this to be realistic and fun for everyone. If you are doing something you don’t regularly see on an NFL Sunday, you are probably doing it wrong. Please play as sim as possible. If you have any questions as to what that means, don’t hesitate to send me a message on

-No going for it on 4th down. Only exception to this rule: You can go for it on 4th and 2 within 40 yards of the opposing teams goal-line as well as in the last 2 minutes of each half.

-You may not hurry up more than twice in a row. Exception to this rule: You may hurry up as much as possible within the last 2 minutes of each half.

-Lineman must remain in their respective position on the line before the snap. No dropping him out into coverage or using him as an LB before the ball is snapped.

-You can only fake a field goal once per game.

-No nano blitz cheese whatsoever. None, zero, zip!

-No running streaks with your running back when he lines up in the backfield on a passing play.

-No running up the score. We are all in this for fun and rubbing a win in someones face isn’t fun. Also, Ill take all your draft picks if you do it.

-These rules apply to playing against the CPU as well. I can see the box scores for every single game. I can see all.

-No onside kicks until the fourth quarter. I’d prefer you wait until the last 2 minute warning, but I trust you guys to make the right judgement call.


-The winner of the League gets 1600 MSP or a $20 game off Steam of their choosing.

-If you go all the way with the Browns, you get something special!



As always, have fun. I’m excited for Season 3 and hope to win my first playoff game :P